Our Services
CT Scanner
Our MRI is wider and open at both ends to allow for maximum comfort for the patient.  Our powerful magnet gives us greater image detail than that of an open unit. 
We also are proud to offer breast MRI services, which studies have shown is great for early cancer detection, results from ongoing therapy, or reoccurrence.
Our CT Scanner offers 16 slice great images for better scans.  We also are offering CT Lung Screening exams.  A CT Lung Screening can save a life which finds health risks to those that smoke or those who have been exposed to second hand smoke.
We accept walk-ins for x-rays here at the Imaging Center.  We offer the best digital images available while using the least amount of radiation.  Our x-rays are fast, simple, and always with the best care.  Come try the best technology for you next x-ray.
Our four dimensional Ultrasound unit gives the best images in 3D that the industry has to offer.  We are proud that so many expectant mothers choose the Imaging Center as their choice for best quality images of their children. 

Ultrasounds have an array of benefits in scanning vessels to extremities.